20th International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials

23-27 November 2020


An online conference hosted by the Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil

ICDIM2020 proceedings are available online via the IoP web page. The published volume can be found here

General Instructions for submitting your contribution to the ICDIM2020 Proceedings:


The proceedings will be published in a special volume of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series, an Open Access IoP journal that has already published some of the previous ICDIM and EURODIM Proceedings.

The authors who want to submit a contribution to be published in the ICDIM2020 proceedings are invited to review the IoP publication license in JPCS that can be find in this link. Upon submitting your work, the authors agree to that.

Preparing the paper:

IoP provide guidelines for preparing the papers that can be found in this link. All papers MUST be prepared according to this guidelines. Microsoft Word and LaTex templates are available via the IoP website in this link. Papers not prepared accordingly will not be submitted to the publisher.

Sending your paper:

When your paper is ready to be sent, please attach it to an email to icdim2020@academico.ufs.br and type "Paper submission" in the Subject field of the email. Please add to the body of the email the following:

- the full title of the paper,

- the abstract number

- the session where it was presented and

- the full name of the corresponding author.

Peer review procedure:

Each paper submitted for publication in the Proceedings will be peer reviewed using the same procedure that has been used in our previous meetings. You might be invited to review few papers that are within your expertise. All papers will be submitted to at least two reviewers before a decision is made. All reviewing process will follow the IoP Proceedings peer review policy.

Publication costs:

As mentioned before, the only cost involved in the ICDIM2020 is the publication fee that is GBP50 per ACCEPTED paper. We will give further information about how to make the payment. Accepted papers will only be sent to the editor upon payment of the publication fee.


All papers should be submitted by December 31, 2020 and we will provide further information on how to send your contribution. We expect to finish the reviewing process by the end of March 2021, so all papers will be sent in their final form to the editor by the middle of April 2021. There will be no proof reading before publication and IoP usually publish the Proceedings in 5-6 weeks after receiving all the material.