20th International Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials

23-27 November 2020


An online conference hosted by the Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil

Programme Advisory Committee

Mario E. G. Valerio (co-chair)

Rob Jackson (co-chair)

Henk Vrielinck

Laszlo Kovacs

Martin Nikl

International Advisory Committee

Akira Yoshikawa (Japan)

Alan Chadwick (UK)

Aleksandr Lushchik (Estonia)

Anatoli Popov (Latvia)

Anna Vedda (Italy)

Chris Stanek (USA)

Christophe Dujardin (France)

Darrell Comins (South Africa)

Frank Bridges (USA)

Graeme Watson (Ireland)

Henk Vrielinck (Belgium)

Joachim Maier (Germany)

Juan García Lastra (Spain)

László Kovács (Hungary)

Marie-Geneviève Blanchin (France)

Mario E. G. Valerio (Brazil)

Martin Nikl (Czech Republic)

Mingying Peng (China)

Phuti Ngoepe (South Africa)

Richard Williams (USA)

Rob Jackson (UK)

Rosa Maria Montereali (Italy)

Sergey Feofilov (Russia)

Sergiu Nistor (Romania)

Siegmund Greulich-Weber (Germany)

Volkmar Dierolf (USA)

Yuriy Zorenko (Poland)


August 2022: ICDIM2020 proceedings are available online via the IoP web page. The published volume can be found here

November 21st: Final version of the Programme is available! Proceedings details were added to the site.

October 19th: Electronic forms to send the videos for the Plenary and Oral talks and the files for the Poster presentations are now available. Instructions on how to prepare and how to send your material are available on the Programme and Plenaries page.

October 8th: The list of the accepted abstracts can be found here: Orals and Posters.

September 19th: Notification of abstract acceptance postponed to 8th October.

September 1st: Abstract submission deadline was extended to September 8th. Don't miss this opportunity!

July 24th: Site update - Registration and Conference fee page added. The registration form is now available.

July 21th: New video was uploaded to the YouTube channel. Information about Proceedings is now available.

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